Responsible for maintaining of Disenchant, Milling, Prospecting tables and provides function within the auctionhouse sidebar.

Note that ALL function within this addon needs to be load-on-demand.

GUI additions:

  • These searches allow users to find deals on the results of breaking down other items:
    • Find Inks(Sidebar Function)
    • Find Gems(Sidebar Function)
    • Find Enchanting Mats (Sidebar Function)
  • Automatic disenchanting/milling/prospecting frame.

Goal: Allow modules to access organized tables of materials from Disenchanting, Milling and Prospecting.

  • _Shopping should be able to poll _Destroying for replacement materials (or material groups) whenever a material is unavailable in _shopping's queue. This is more of an automatic mode and will not require a sidebar link. Users should be able to configure when they want to search for alternatives. A) before scanning for any other materials B) after buying materials (I just need the leftovers)
  • Users can load Find Enchanting Mats, for example, when they want to load the groups _destroying has created for the purpose of disenchanting. The user is presented with a list of outcomes. When the outcome is selected (say, abyss crystal), the interface within the bar searches all items that can produce abyss crystal for under the market price of the outcome.
  • Pricing data for inks (only) should be maintained by _destroying using the algorithms introduced by Mischa. Ink prices should only be set by _Destroying, and not by any inks that have been posted on the auction house. However, a group of inks should include the ink itself. If the ink is ever seen for less than the material prices, it should be bought and accounted for.

Goal: Allow users to destroy their items in a streamlined, non-invasive way.

  • The automatic destroying frame should be compact (and able to be scaled within the options) and should contain a button in the same color theme with the item's name, market price, and broken-down-value within the button text. Directly next to the button should be a smaller X to remove the frame. Left click will automatically destroy the item, right click will ignore the item for the session. Shift-right should ignore the item permanently, as in the case of gear that a user wants to hold on to.
  • User should be able to set the destroying frame to pop up whenever appropriate breakdowns are found within the inventory.
  • The automation should be very aware of stack sizes. Care must be made to make sure milling is not performed on any stack size of less than 5. If there are no stacks of 5 available, _Destroying needs to be able to call up _Housekeeping to restack all materials and continue.
  • Bag space is also a consideration. Destroying should not be done to any item where the bag space is 2 spots or less.

Extended ideas

  • Option: Do not disenchant anything that is usable by the character.
  • Option: Do not disenchant anything that is in an Outfitter list or that could be considered a usable upgrade in Pawn.
  • Add together disenchants WITH mat searching. Do them together. When disenchanting an item is less expensive than buying the mats, do that every time. When mats are less expensive than disenchanting, buy those instead